High Speed Transmitior LD Laser and PD Epiwafer for 2.5G, 5G, and 10G applications

1300nm DFB Laser for High Speed Transmition Description Application Wavelength Range InP Base epiwafer FP laser ~1310nm; ~1550nm;~1900nm DFB laser 1270nm~1630nm Avalanche photo-detector 1250nm~1600nm Photo-detector 1250nm~1600nm/>2.0um (InGaAs absorptive layer);<1400nm (InGaAsP absorptive layer)       InGaAs PIN Epiwafer for High Speed Receivers Standard InGaAs PIN Epiwafer structure: 0 InP Substrate 1 U-InP Layer(Concentration) 2 U-InGaAs […]